Lužické hory

Lužické hory


Alena Dvořáková
Žofín 6
Horní Podluží
407 57

Alena Dvořáková:
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+420 607 831 542

Karel Dvořák:
+420 721 824 307
+420 412 379 454



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About the goats and products


Our buck


Together with sheep and dogs, goats are one of the first animals to be domesticated.

Like today’s consumer, the goat is a discerning animal and there is even a Czech saying that someone is as „choosy as a goat“, referring to the fact that goats never eat anything that is bad for them. Perhaps that is the reason why they never suffer from common animal and human ailments, such as cancer.

For children who are allergic to cow’s milk, goat’s milk is the obvious natural healing alternative. Goat’s milk is a base material for all range of products as yogurt, lactic milk and above all cheese. Whey is a side product generated during a process of making cheese and is highly recommended by physicians for people with delicate digestive systems. In addition, whey can be added to the bath water for children with constitutional dermatitis. It is also a prized ingredient in the production of natural cosmetics. Both goat and kid meat is delicious and is low in cholesterol.