Lužické hory

Lužické hory


Alena Dvořáková
Žofín 6
Horní Podluží
407 57

Alena Dvořáková:
(production and sale)
+420 607 831 542

Karel Dvořák:
+420 721 824 307
+420 412 379 454



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Micro-region Tolštejn


Tolštejn - castle


We will provide informational packages about the Tolštein micro-region, including promotional tourist material. We will help you prepare for your outings, providing local advice and travel tips, as well as recommendations on places of interest and the seasonal cultural calendar of events. With our long time and extensive knowledge of the area, we can help you make the best of your visit to the surrounding sights according to your specific needs and interests.

Our farm is an official station for the „Wandering through Tolštejn Domain“ touring activity where visitors collect place stamps for their “Wanderer’s Passport”. During the annual Tolštejn Festival, the best wanderer is awarded a prize for having the most stamps from different sites on their passport pages. (

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